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Do you feel like your emotions control you?

Do your emotions hold you back from living the life you want?

Do you reach for food when you're sad, upset, overwhelmed or stressed?

Do you spend money compulsively and don't understand why or how to stop?

Do you struggle with identifying what or how you're feeling? 

Do you have outbursts of emotion that you feel like you can't control? 

Do you feel like you live in only one or two emotions? 

Do you frequently feel numb or tuned out of your own life?

Friend, you do NOT have to live that way!

You CAN be in control over your emotions!

Are you ready to learn how to stop reacting to life and start responding from a place of empowerment instead?

My proven 6 month signature program

is just what you need to

BOLDLY overcome emotional strongholds.

No more feeling out of touch with yourself

No more feeling numb in your own body

No more feeling like 

your emotions control your life

I'm your

go-to guide for boldly overcoming emotional strongholds!

Hi! I'm Nicole and I am a multi-certified Master Transformational Coach specializing in emotional processing. I'm on a mission to help women feel empowered in their emotions, rather than feeling like they have no control over them

If you're ready to simply take a look at what it would be like to stop letting your emotions dictate your every move, I'd love to talk with you. Book your free Discovery Session with me today!


By working with me you'll learn...

How to uncover and identify buried emotions that hold you back

How to identify the unhealthy ways you are currently expressing emotion

What your unique emotional triggers are

The root of your emotional triggers

How to create and implement a coping plan for your triggers

How to design and implement a self-care routing that truly works

How to identify when and where you feel a void... and how to fill it in a healthy way

How to BOLDLY overcome emotional strongholds so you can stop reacting to life and start responding instead!

"I struggle with processing emotions. I've always associated me showing emotion with me being weak. I know it's not true. However, Nicole is helping me find the root of these emotions and rather than hide them or sweep them under the rug, process them. Live and sit with them. My weightloss has a lot to do with how my emotions are today and I'm learning so much from my sessions with Nicole."

- Kylie

"I have been overweight pretty much my whole life. I would get depressed about it and that would send me on another binge of eating sugar (sugar is my go-to feel good drug). With Nicole, I found out why I was getting so stressed and depressed with myself and I realize that I am not alone and I was hurting myself with food. Through Nicole's courses, I learned so much about myself and my eating and how my eating habits affected other areas of my life as well. I feel so much better about myself and my life. Thank you Nicole for taking me on this journey!"

- Tami

"I just finished a coaching program with Nicole. It was just what I needed to refocus, gain clarity and find my motivation again. It was challenging, yet fun and extremely insightful! Nicole was constantly making me dig deeper to find true healing and freedom.  Nicole is so patient and kind, yet still pushes you further than you think you can go! I highly recommend working with her!"

- Kelsey

Uncover what's been keeping you from 

taking control of your emotions

and what you can do about it TODAY!

"Talking with Nicole is VERY much worth your time! She understands that her clients need someone who really has their back, listens and supports them in long term habit changes to live their best life!"

- Abby

"I've spent as long as I can remember battling anxiety and depression. Years in therapy just made me feel worse, countless self help books that made sense but I couldn't put into practice, apps and accessories I'd lose interest in. The more I failed to fix myself, the more helpless and broken I felt. The future me that Nicole helped me release is better than I could have even imagined. Life is still going on around me exactly the same, but I am not longer a victim to it. My mental strength and trust in myself can carry me through anything."

- Maria

"I've struggled with emotional eating most of my adult life. In working with Nicole, my mind is no longer consumed with what I am going to eat, what I wish I could eat, what food I could sneak when others aren't looking... Now my mind is consumed with living in the moment. Now that I can eat anything, it's no longer exciting to eat all of the food at one time. I feel like I have been freed from the hold that food restrictions and my weight had on me."

- Mindy

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