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What clients have to say

I just finished my coaching program with Nicole. It was just what I needed to refocus, gain clarity and find my motivation again. It was challenging, yet fun and extremely insightful! Nicole was constantly making me dig deeper to find true healing and freedom. Nicole is so patient and kind, yet still pushes you further than you think you can go! I highly recommend working with her!

- Kelsey

- Kylie

I struggle with processing emotions. I've always associated me showing emotion with me being weak. I know it's not true. However, Nicole is helping me find the root of these emotions and rather than hide them or sweep them under the rug, process them. Live and sit with them. My weightloss has a lot to do with how my emotions are today and I'm learning so much from my sessions with Nicole.

I finally had the chance to become one of Nicole's clients and I can genuinely tell you that over this last year I have hit MANY of my goals I have set for myself and have so many more tools in my box thanks to her teachings. She is dedicated to everything she does and gives her all. If she doesn’t know the answer to something she promptly figures it out for you. She’s honest, real and easy to talk to. I found her so relatable after so many years of feeling like I’m going in circles here I am writing this and feeling VERY proud of myself and how far I’ve come. I thank Nicole for a huge portion of that success!

- Kelly

- Nicole

Nicole is a kind and compassionate person! She helps you reconnect with your higher self-conscious to help you find and identify all your mental triggers that have formed. She takes her time and helps you dig in deep to become more mentally aware of why these patterns and behaviors have been established. You can tell she truly loves what she does. No problem is too big or too small. If it’s important to you it’s definitely important to her. She is an amazing coach, accountability partner and true friend. Thank you Nicole, for all that you’ve done!

Being coached by Nicole has been a positive life changing experience. Nicole is patient and does not give up on anyone! I am one of those harder cases as things take a long time to click for me. You must understand that pretty much my whole adult life, I was focused on and working towards losing weight. I thought that if I got to a certain pant size or number on the scale that I would then be happier or more acceptable to others. Boy was I wrong. Food, pounds, and the next life changing diet were the main things that consumed my mind and my thoughts each and every day. That made me an impatient wife and mom. I was a hard person to be around because everything had to revolve around my new diet and exercise plans. Due to Nicole's coaching, I have learned and continue to learn how to live in the moment. I have learned that I am a lovely person no matter what the number is on the scale. My focus has shifted to living in the moment and to realize that God made me who I am. My mind is no longer consumed with what I am going to eat, what I wish I could eat, what food I would sneak when others were not looking... Now my mind is consumed with whatever I am doing in the moment. Now that I can eat anything, it is no longer exciting to eat all of it at one time. You must understand that Nicole's coaching did help me with emotional eating, but it has not been limited to that. I have decluttered my house multiple times, realizing that it created unneeded stress in my life thanks to one small activity Nicole had us do. I have found ways to exercise that I love, mainly stand up paddle boarding. I am now confident when I turn down that next 30 day challenge or that next upcoming diet that will cure one's weight struggles. I find myself saying to others at a potluck when they say they are watching their carbs, "Life is short, eat some carbs!" We all laugh, but honestly, eating those carbs has really really opened my eyes to the amount of rules I was putting on myself in life. Through the questions and coaching that I received from Nicole both in one-on-one sessions and small group sessions, I have been able to make huge steps in the right direction! I feel like I have been freed from the hold that food restrictions and my weight had one me living the one life I have.

- Mindy

When I met Nicole, I was way down in the dumps, about as far as I could go. At the time, Nicole was running a free 5 day challenge, so I thought to myself, “I have absolutely nothing to lose.” I honestly was not expecting much at all from a free 5 day challenge, but at this time, I was working two jobs and was just mentally and physically exhausted. To my joyous surprise, I found this challenge to be fun! It made me want to try new things and new ways of doing things. It was so different than any other program I had tried before. After the challenge, I did a free Discovery Session with Nicole and decided to sign up for her coaching program. I have been overweight pretty much my whole life. I would get depressed about it and that would send me on another binge of eating sugar (sugar is my go to feel good drug). Through coaching with Nicole, I found out why I was getting so stressed and depressed with myself and I realize that I am not alone and I was hurting myself with food. Through Nicole's courses, I learned so much about myself and my eating and how my eating habits affected other areas of my life as well. I realized that I was so stressed and depressed, but Nicole helped me to also realize that I was not alone, and that I had the power to stop sabotaging myself. I felt so much better about myself after this program that I decided to sign up for another program so I could deepen my learning. We worked through everything; my finances, my health, relationships, work, self-care... everything. Wow, did I make some changes through this program! I finally stopped shaming myself for “mistakes” and learned that not only is it okay to care for myself, but how important it is and how much better I feel when I do implement a self-care routine! I feel so much better about myself and my life! I am no longer down in the dumps, I am making changes every day and making them for myself... not for the approval of others. Thank you, Nicole, for taking me on this journey and encouraging me to continue on making changes for myself!

- Tami

I’ve spent as long as I can remember battling anxiety and depression. Years in therapy just made me feel worse, countless self help books that made sense but I couldn’t put into practice, apps and accessories I’d lose interest in. The more I failed to fix myself, the more helpless and broken I felt. On the outside I was successful, vibrant person; generally the person people come to talk to for a laugh or for advice. As years went on and my own shame cycle grew, failed relationships born out of low self worth, self medicating to no avail, just truly walking around without any compass of how to fix myself and hating myself more and more. I ended up truly lost. Nicole has been an pivotal relationship and true confidant for me for over 15 years. When she began coaching I was excited for her but skeptical. My history with “fixes” left me viewing this as another gimmick. About a year ago, after I called her to vent and cry about something, she suggested we start meeting so she help me set some “goals”. Cynical but also desperate, we started meeting on my lunch hour. I was immediately intrigued at her toolbox and her knowledge. Because I had an innate trust for her already it was easy for me to open up however, I know I challenged her constantly due to our existing relationship and my stubborn views that this wouldn’t work. Slowly, I learned that goals became more about future me and less about being effective in my life or saving money, although now I clearly see how the two are related. COVID and the lockdowns happened and we couldn’t meet in person anymore. We still managed to meet virtually or though phone and text, but this reinforced to me that now it definitely wouldn’t work. Fast forward to today....about a year from our first meeting at Starbucks on my lunch hour. Ten years ago, I had a panic attack while driving on the freeway and couldn’t drive the freeway for years. I am currently writing this testimony 500 miles from home, and I got 500 miles from home on a solo road trip. Did I ever think I would be someone who would go on a trip alone in a car, let alone enjoy every second of it. No, I didn’t. The future me she helped me release is better than I could have even imagined. Life is still going on around me exactly the same but I am not longer a victim to it. My mental strength and trust in myself can carry me through anything. Now my outside matches my inside.

- Maria

Before coaching with Nicole, I was struggling with recognizing physical hunger from my emotions. Eating was my solution to processing whatever emotion I was feeling. I was snapping at my husband and my kids and reacting to life situations instead of responding. I hated myself. Within the first few sessions of working with Nicole, I started to notice a difference. Since finishing her Boldly Overcoming Emotional Eating program, I have learned to listen to my body and how to process my emotions in a healthy, manageable way. My communication is better, I can see the positives in life circumstances much more clearly, and I’m able to respond from a grounded place rather than impulsively reacting. I don’t judge myself anymore, I am more comfortable in my own skin, and I am able to identify and work through triggers that used to drive me towards food. Not only did I lose weight working with Nicole (without dieting!), but she gave me the tools to improve my life in so many different areas. I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I love myself. If you are on the fence about working with Nicole, all I can say is you deserve it. You are worth it and your future self will thank you greatly for doing it. I can’t wait to work with Nicole again!

- Kylee

Talking with Nicole is VERY much worth your time! She understands that her clients need someone who really has their back, listens and supports them in long term habit changes to live their best life!

- Abby

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