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Emotional Processing


Teaching you how to take control of your emotions so you can stop reacting to life and start responding instead!

Meet Nicole

Master Transformational Coach

Nicole is a multi-certified Master Transformational Coach specializing in emotional processing. She works with women all over the country teaching them how to take control of their emotions so they can stop reacting to life and start responding instead.

Nicole is on a mission to help women feel empowered in their emotions, rather than feeling like they have no control over them. 

If you're ready to stop letting your emotions dictate your every move, Nicole can help! Book your complimentary Discovery Session today to learn how.

Do Your Emotions Control Your Life?

Do you have outbursts of emotion that you feel like you can't control?

Do you struggle with identifying what or how you're feeling?

Do you feel like you live in only one or two emotions?

Do you frequently feel numb or tuned out of your own life?

Do you engage in unhealthy outlets to avoid dealing with your emotions?

Discover how to feel BOLD and empowered in your emotions, instead of feeling like they control you.

I struggle with processing emotions. I've always associated me showing emotion with me being weak. I know it's not true. However, Nicole is helping me find the root of these emotions and rather than hide them or sweep them under the rug, process them. Live and sit with them. My weightloss has a lot to do with how my emotions are today and I'm learning so much from my sessions with Nicole.

- Kylie

I finally had the chance to become one of Nicole's clients, and I can genuinely tell you that over this last year in working with her I have hit MANY of my goals I set for myself, and have so many more tools in my box thanks to her teachings. Nicole is dedicated to everything she does and gives her all. After so many years of feeling like I'm going in circles, here I am writing this and feeling VERY proud of myself and how far I've come.

- Kelly

I have been overweight pretty much my whole life. I would get depressed about it and that would send me on another sugar binge. With Nicole's help, I was able to discover why I was so stressed and depressed, and I realized that I have been hurting myself with food. Through Nicole's courses, I learned so much about myself and how my eating habits affected other areas of my life as well.

- Tami